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Founder Principal's Message

It is our endeavour to make our students Enlightened and Empowered global citizens. We owe them a dignified future by giving them the right education.

The real aim of education is to draw out the capacities in a child, which are waiting to be developed. We have concern for each and every student. We do not feel satisfied with the high achievements of only a few but we aim at the high achievement of maximum students and good learning. They are taught to have the intelligence to see that the real issue on hand for them as students, is to conserve their energy, study well, build up physical and mental strength, fully equipped for the struggle for existence.

The interest of the students is foremost for us and the management has not made any compromises with the infrastructure that needs to be provided to our students. We are committed to give the best not only to ourselves but also the best of the opportunities to our students.

A team of highly dedicated and competent faculty is working hard to ignite the minds of the students with knowledge. Our parents have been very supportive and have indeed appreciated our efforts at every stage. Each milestone we crossed, had the parents cheering us on, and it is this spirit of co-operation that has hastened the growth of Ben-Hur Public School at such a remarkable pace.

Our students have again and again proved our faith in them by excelling in a number of activities, both at intra-school as well as inter-school levels. The school too has hosted a number of inter school competitions from time to time.

Let us not rejoice and admire past achievements but continue with our onward march towards scaling greater heights every day.

Mrs. Ranjit Sahmey
M.A., M.Ed.(Poona University)
Founder Principal