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Ben-Hur Public School believes that the potential in every child must be realized and nurtured and it is the duty of the school to do so. The recently constructed large auditorium and audio-visual facilities offers co-curricular activities like music (vocal & instrumental), dance (creative & classical), skits, dramas, extempore, debates, elocution, painting, tie & dye and hall with latest electronics gadgets like stereo system, drum, congo, casio, harmonium, tabla, guitar etc.

Children are encouraged to take active part in indoor/ outdoor games. Inter-house matches, annual athletics meet, swimming competitions are the regular features. Not only this, every year school teams are participating in CBSE Cluster III East Zone Championship in different events.

Equal importance is given to sports and academics.We offer a very wide range of sports and games, so that every student can find at least one in which she/he can excel. Basketball, Throwball, Volleyball and track and field practices are the part of daily routine.
Football and Cricket Matches are played with great interest. House-Wise matches are organized on every Saturdays.